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hi beauties! Happy monday (ha). my mum and my sister are jetting off to warmer climes for the school holidays and i’m hopelessly jealous. encountering the prettiest cloud of cherry blossoms was just the ticket for remembering my (countless) blessings… though a little more sun and warmth would not go amiss, hear that dunedin???
anyway, here are some links for your procrastinating delight!

these are brilliant. so inspiring and just excellent!

not sure i can entirely relate to this at this point in my life, but i adore my family and want lots of quantity, that’s for sure!

i totally breathed a sigh of relief reading the first half of this article. and then my eyebrows went up and up and up the second half! i mean, seriously????

preach, izy! i related to 100% of this, so so so true (and i kind of love how she didn’t mention it before she did it, only afterwards. you go gal.)

this polly lady is so wise. bookmarked for later reading.

i looooved this interview… i want to be friends with nancy meyers! rom coms are my favourite, and i love how she makes no apologies for them. it also made me excited to see the intern, which i’m off to on wednesday night!

another sigh of relief – books are magic.

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I just got back from a blissful weekend in Christchurch – clara and I went up to stay with my family, go daffodil picking (!!) and have a wee break from dunedin. well, it was just wonderful! i’ll tell you more about it soon, but for now, here’s seven marvellous essays to keep you busy!

this post is brought to you by the handy safari feature of a reading list: whenever bloggers share links, i go through and save the ones that appeal to me to my reading list, and so whenever I’m in the mood to have a read of the internet, i just go through my reading list!

this was very thought provoking and really gives a new perspective to the age old issue of drug addiction.

‘and yet’ – very lovely!

i have very romantic notions of going to cafés next year alone to read a book or write blog posts – for someone who doesn’t really enjoy being alone very much, it may not be as romantic as i’m hoping. this article had some good tips (though christchurch is no NYC!)

i’m ready for summer food after a winter of so much soup but i thought this was gorgeous.

very sweet touching story. and now i want french food!

yes! nothing replaces a book, and books are crucial to us as a society.

reminders we all need.

fascinating foreign films

so the foreign film festival is always a big deal in my household, and i usually manage to toddle along to at least one. this year, however, i surpassed myself and went to 4! (2 of which i didn’t pay for, but still!)

i think what stops people from going to these films is that they can be a bit hit and miss, but i enjoyed all my films enormously, in quite different ways.

i put the trailers with each one, because i personally adore watching trailers and can idle away a good hour watching them on youtube. even films that i know full well i wouldn’t go to, i still heartily enjoy the trailer, so i hope they amuse you!

our little sister
we watched this in dunedin’s beautiful regent theatre, such a treat! this was just lovely. the story of three sisters and how they take in their half sister. visually stunning, a very sweet, gentle film. i loved the inclusion of japanese culture, rituals, food, traditional houses and plenty of stunning scenery: it was one of those films that really immersed you in a country- it felt very ‘japanese’. it’s definitely put japan on my travel list – such an interesting country!

go if: you feel like spending two hours in japan, or you have sisters!

this was a freebie, and to be honest i don’t know if i’d recommend you go if you’re paying for it! there were definitely some funny bits though: a slow moving story of a gym and the owner, one of the trainers and a pretty messed up client – there was some super cringe inducing humour.

go if: super awkward humour is your thing

city of gold
this was gorgeous! a documentary about Jonathan Gold, an LA times food critic. he writes these lyrical reviews of tiny, predominantly ethnic restaurants all over Los Angeles and it showed him dining at his favourites, the stories of the proprietors and about him and his family. don’t go hungry! this was very sweet and touching and he seems like the most marvellous and truly empathetic man. LA has never been a city really on my travel radar but this film changed that! it seems like a fascinating city with all the different concentrated populations of all sorts of people and of course, incredibly diverse variety of food!

go if: you are at all interested in writing or food

saint laurent
this screened in the isaac theatre royal, which i was very excited about as it was the first time i’d been in there since it had been restored after the earthquake, and they did such a good job – it really is a stunning theatre! the actor who played (young) Yves was incredible – i believed him completely. a masterful portrayal of a troubled individual, with plenty of incredible clothes to stun you. plenty of nudity, alcohol and drugs so it definitely merited its R16 rating. I walked out of the theatre feeling quite overwhelmed but in a good way – i think it would be impossible to be unmoved by it.

go if: you like fashion, france or superb acting

bonus: trainwreck!
ok, clearly not an arts festival film haha but i went to it in the break and was so impressed by it! i went in having seen the very funny trailer, and it was very funny, but it also had more depth that i wasn’t expecting. the male lead was so sweet, amy was hilarious and her family dynamic was really touching. the frequent cameos of LeBron James were also great! highly, highly recommend.

go if: crying with laughter sounds appealing

ps i’m really proud of my embedding haha! how pro am i?? just call me lisbeth salander ;)

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oh i just loved this post! A cup of jo posted eight ‘how i knew’ stories and they made me so happy and teary! ps – see if you can spot jo’s husband’s story – the sweetest thing.

its no secret i think the world of deb – the beginning of my interest in blogs and blogging. i was so happy to hear of her pregnancy and now she’s had her baby! i can’t deny i was wrapped when i saw she’d named her daughter Anna, which i think is such a great name! (naturally)

another Anna – from the gorgeous blog dear friend, has been in Croatia on her honeymoon and her instagram posts took me back in the strongest way – all the photos were so familiar to me! i just want to go back! my grandparents are also going to travel there soon, so it feels like everyone but me is over there! slight exaggeration, i know, but i miss it so! europe is just so perfect (yet so far away).

i’m going to queenstown for the weekend! oh i just can’t wait! my flatmate has a house which we are fortunately able to stay at, and we’re going skiing! although i am 100% a wanaka girl at heart, queenstown is so much fun, especially with friends. zoe’s post (for an aussie ;) is great.

100 years of fashion – I just can’t get enough of these videos! the iran one was super cool too!

i’m utterly obsessed with outlander: over the weekend, I watched 7 episodes in 24 hours. as i’m descended from several scottish clans, i feel like i’m connecting with my heritage ;)

being the period drama junkie that I am, I also really want to start watching north and south, indian summers, poldark, and gran hotel (jenna has me so intrigued)! this list was cool. plus i watched jane eyre over the break with my sister and adored it! highly recommend.

and to keep the croatia wanderlust going, here are a few photos from hvar and korcula from this time last year:





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I’m three exams down and feeling done already, hence instead of french study i’m collating some of my favourite links from the last wee while:

fun unrelated picture of me looking like a donkey in front of the clocktower (thanks madeleine!)


on to the good stuff!

i hope i never stop feeling awe – though i mean new zealand is far too beautiful to! this article was really cool.

and on that note, if you’re in need of some reminding of how awe inspiring this life is, this video is phenomenal!

this buzzfeed piece made me laugh out loud the entire time, and the second and third times when i showed it to other people! ps though – number 18 – such a boy thing!

so happy for lauren and geena with their beautiful new babies!

how good are the cup of jo “my beauty uniform” and hey natalie jean “what’s in your makeup bag” series? i just lap them up, and of course i always love seeing jessica’s monthly makeup favourites!

of course this made my day: especially love the one of george kissing his baby sister! my heart!

drooling over these – and wishing the weather was warm enough to warrant making them! i mean icecream is a year round thing, but with the freezing temperatures we’ve been, um, enjoying, lately, i’d rather take my icecream in the form of a gently melting scoop of vanilla atop a crumble or self saucing pudding.

back soon! i’ve missed you! xx

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^^on top of mt iron, wanaka – the prettiest^^

i am compulsively unable to keep something i am loving to myself – yes i was super uncool in year seven, when everyone was going through their alty, different phase ;) i send my friends ted talks, book names, song titles …. and either we have very similar tastes or they are very polite. either way, it works. so here is me flicking them your way. (oldest trick in the blogging parchment, yes)
here are some things that made me smile, laugh, cry:

hey natalie jean’s post on trying to conceive. it’s crazy how you can feel so deeply for someone you’ve never met. i know beyond a doubt that i want to have kids, and i hope and pray that i will never have to go through what natalie’s going through – but that if i do, that i can handle it with such courage and grace. sending all the love and vibes your way xx

i just devoured Matthew Quick’s novel The Good Luck of Right Now – what an amazing book. if you enjoyed the rosie project or the curious incident of the dog. this quote gave me shivers:

“when i estimated the number of individual evil acts done by each person who trashed our house, the sum of bad things easily topped two hundred, and so maybe if mom’s theory was correct, it meant that more than two hundred good things had happened or would soon happen all over the world to strangers…maybe a sick baby girl in zimbabwe would receive donated medicine just before she was about to slip into a fatal coma; maybe a hungry beggar in san francisco would find a warm steak in a trash can behind a five star restaurant and dine under a full moon…maybe an elementary school student in Paris would suddenly remember the mathematical formula he needed to pass a test..”

speaking of books. i also adored where’d you go bernadette, and am convinced that Kate  and i have the same brain when it comes to books. any book she’s recommended i’ve loved so me before you and what alice forgot are next on my list!

i love reading pieces like this that challenge my way of thinking, and now i need to find some friends who haven’t been introduced yet!

this google video is a bit old but makes me cry every time, oh man

there are also so many clothes i’m lusting after in the gorman sale – someone confiscate my credit card, stat!

i just bought these clogs which were on sale for $99 nzd and i am in love! they are amazingly flattering in the nude colour and straps that lie below the ankle. i have a bunch of friends who own clogs from this brand and absolutely rave about them, so really, i had to!

i also just tried on these tops today and am so in love – can you tell i enjoy navy?

happy february guys! go out and have a cracking wednesday xx