podcasts for any mood


^^because podcast listening is an excellent way to spend a plane journey^^

i’ve chatted about podcasts over here before, but scrolling through the app on my phone today, i noticed i had quite a few new ones that i haven’t mentioned yet so it was worth writing a new post on them.

gosh i enjoy podcasts. they are the best way to while away time walking somewhere, cooking, cleaning, folding laundry or when you’re lying in bed unable to sleep. there’s something about listening to human voices that interests and soothes me at the same time.

here are five new picks depending on how you’re feeling..

when you need a new book to read:
the concept of this podcast sounds like fun for the participants but kind of boring for the listeners, but i assure you it isn’t at all. guests share books they loved and hated and then move on to recommendations. i have loved every episode so far, but my favourites were probably meredith and osheta – for their warmth and enthusiasm more than preference in books. it will make you want to head to the library immediately!

when you feel like some self improvement:
i really adored gretchen rubin’s the happiness project (and just checked better than before out of the library!) so no surprise i’m enjoying her podcast. she chats to her sister (and occasionally her super cute, very articulate 17 year old Eliza) about ways to boost your happiness and quality of life. i found the episodes about tendencies especially interesting, and have figured out i’m an obliger. entertaining and inspiring.

when you want a little girl power:
Lena dunham’s short series women of the hour was really enjoyable for me. while the advice segments are way too short to be satisfying, the personal testimonies from some very cool ladies and lena herself were interesting and mind opening. and they’re all so friendly and supportive of each other’s work! very cool indeed.

when you’re after a twisting tale:
the modern love podcast features a modern love column from the new york times being read aloud by an actor, then a short interview which follows up with the writer of the column. these columns are about love but they kind of remind me of a roald dahl short story in that there’s always a catch, or a twist. lovely to listen to thanks to the skilled narration and also intriguing to hear the follow up.

when you’d like to hear an interview:
in the twisting circularity of media these days, i initially downloaded this podcast after reading this article, which i’m pretty sure i came upon by way of a blog links post, so – thanks internet, is what i’m saying. i’ve enjoyed listening to a handful of episodes, the one about talking about sex with teenage girls, maggie smith and the creators of spotlight and the big short in particular – really well reasoned, interesting interviews. terry is a lovely interviewer (as are the others on the show) and i appreciate the depth and breadth of what they talk about – for something so blindingly obvious, interviews can be so good or (often) so bad. these are in the former category.

let me know if you try any of these! and of course, tell me what you’re loving. back soon!