7 QT: autumn and entertainment



1. hi honey bees, how are you going? life is great and busy with me. I found out some stellar news which has tinged my world view rose pink for the next wee while and am still enjoying christchurch and home living. my job is going great, it is challenging me and very grateful being able to get it as my first ‘proper’ job out in the world.

2. i’m still going great with my reading! i read americanah which was brilliant – i thought the main character had such a strong sense of self and her critiques of race in america (“by a non american black”) were skin crawlingly dead on. i definitely felt a few twinges when the attitudes of ‘liberal whites’ were dissected as it made me realise just how easy privilege is to take for granted. a very thought provoking analysis plus a gripping love story. the scenes of nigeria also just drew me in – a country i had never thought much about visiting. i love how books can make you so wanderlusty.


3. we are into the 4th week of my food bag and absolutely loving it. i see so many ads for blue apron around (especially the dreaded sponsor post, shudder) and they drive me up the wall, so i feel kind of awkward saying this, but we have found my food bag absolutely perfect for our needs! we have been getting the veggie bag and it is just the perfect amount for 3 ladies. our favourites included bang bang tofu salad with sesame rice, halloumi pappardelle with lemon mint and garlic crumb, and malai kofta with spiced vegetable pilau. so, so good, and i think fairly inexpensive too! the three pictures are of honey soy tofu with wasabi mash, lentil cakes with avocado and caramelised onion, and kale salad with pumpkin, dukkah and haloumi.

4. we are in autumn now but it really feels like we have jumped straight into winter! the weather has been so so cold and i’m realising just how spoiled we were with summer – it is a big shock to the system! i am not ready for winter coats but try telling pesky metservice that.


5. the bachelor usa – thoughts? i was rooting for jojo buuut i also think lauren b and ben are sweet together so i wasn’t overly sad, especially since jojo is going to be the bachelorette!! exciting stuff!! Plus the bachelor nz is back too! haven’t decided who i like yet but the two drama queens naz and claudia are hilarious in their scheming – my favourite part is when they throw each other under the bus at any opportunity. good old homegrown tv.

6. we went to visit some 3 week old puppies the other day and they were just so cute – enjoy the photos!!


7. my weekend starts on friday and i’ve got a few fun things planned with friends – i can’t wait! i love not having to carve out time for study/readings on the weekend – i feel like i have so much more free time than when i was a student! well, guilt-free free time maybe…


I plan on doing having some great sleep ins like this little pup!

talk soon! happy friday xoxox


7 QT: hello spring!


1. happy spring! blossoms! and daffidols! spring has become more special to me during my time in dunedin, thanks no doubt to how absolutely vile winter is here so any sign of it being over seems like the best thing ever. we are also lucky enough to have lots of blossom trees around the university campus so walking to class becomes a dreamy stroll through the pink frothy trees in september.


2. speaking of spring, we had the greatest time picking daffodils in chch. my mum, clara and I each filled up a bucket and my sis sarah was on photographer duty with the 4 smart phones we had with us – she felt very fancy with 3 iphones and a samsung galaxy in her pocket!


3. we also met two sweet lambs only 7 days old – how gorgeous!


4. food was a highlight of being home – my mum bought us fresh pasta, fresh pesto, gourmet yoghurt and muesli, and amazing precooked croissants that you just pop in the oven to cook – ahh so good after typical budget student fare! plus lemony gin and tonics oh my.


5. managed to tick off c1 and black and white coffee cartel which were great as always. curly fries shot across the room in a tube – can’t get much zanier or cooler than that!


5. this song is soooo cool! i got super obsessed with the original version by the Mamas and the Papas a few months ago and the cover by Sia is superb!

6. absolutely adoring steel cut oats for breakfast and don’t know how i’ll ever go back to the plain rolled ones! my mum bought me two packets in the break so i’m steadily working my way through them. i love how easy they are in the mornings – i just scoop out my desired amount from the container i keep them in the fridge, add a splash of milk then microwave for a minute or so. so tasty! the texture is perfect! at first it was kind of weird to get used to – so much chewing! but now i loooove it.


7. i’m loving running now that the weather is getting better – spring and autumn would have to be my favourite times of year to run – just the ideal temperature!

7QT: barre, bollywood and the bachelor


^^^ throwback to that time in the holidays when i got my makeup done at Nars and then made Sarah take a million photos of me ^^^


1. just adoring this song right now: it feels really familiar in the sweetest way! i am known for my very easy listening-y, downbuzz taste in music (with some mainstream pop thrown in for good measure) hence i am never put on music duty at the flat! i was flattered and vindicated to see that my taste is linked to empathy! oh yeah, how’d you like me now.

2. oh man the last season of Downton Abbey is coming up!! ahh how will i cope; all i ask is that they find a gorgeous man for Mary, please!

3. I was enjoying my read of Hello! magazine waiting for the checkout on our flat shop the other day and my flatmate commented, upon seeing the big picture of kate and george on the cover “I don’t know what’s worse, your D rate taste in television or adoration of that dreadful family” i responded pointing out that really i only followed Will and Kate and their kids, which was followed by the retort “oh so you’re a basic royal watcher then”. can’t win! in unrelated news (lol) the bachelor australia is back! i have to say, i find the antipodean versions of these shows refreshing compared the american originals – everyone is much more likeable and down to earth.

4. i’m also missing game of thrones and wondering if i should start reading the books? my brother owns them all so it’d be easy to do. BUT i usually hate watching the film after reading the book as all the changes stress me out so surely it’ll be just as bad the other way around? also i have a limited capacity for large numbers of characters (lord of the rings haha NO) and I’ve heard that its all quite complex. i think i’ll just stick to satisfying my GOT cravings by looking at the cast’s instagram feeds haha.

5. we are doing bollywood next week in my asian studies paper! can’t wait! the bright colours and beautiful ladies and happy singing and dancing, it will be great!

6. i’m going to barre class tonight with clara! i’m so excited to see what it’s like, i feel like i’ve heard it mentioned so many times and it’s really cool that classes have started up in dunedin.

7. i’m making teriyaki chicken from this gem of a book tomorrow night and i’m excited! i hope it tastes delicious! if so i will defs have to blog about it. our favourite sushi place in christchurch has such good teriyaki chicken sushi – the sauce all sweet and gooey with big hunks of tender chicken … mmm!

and a picture of my puppy dog cause i miss her!


7 QT: ski bunny (or not)


1. i had the best weekend in queenstown! first things first: skiing- i started at a very low point: fell over getting off the chairlift, then again like 2 secs later on the snow, and ended up being on the chairlift back down the mountain (so embarrassing!) however, the day only improved from then on. I first reminded myself how to ski again via my old friend the magic carpet, which was then followed by quite a few jollies down the next step up ‘the big easy’. i worked my way down from falling over 4 times on my first go to a big fat zero by the afternoon!

i have to say i was feeling quite exasperated and fed up earlier on in the day when i felt like the biggest fail!! but after giving myself a pep talk while riding the magic carpet (which included “you’re pretty uncoordinated, the only sport you’ve ever been very good at is cross country running, which literally requires you to do something all humans can naturally do, so why would you be really good at skiing first off?”) and keeping my expectations nice and low  (“ok, goal for this run is to only fall over twice!”) i felt much happier. by the end of the day i was having the best time, feeling really proud of myself and even navigating the chairlifts with ease! mission succeeded. so hopefully the next time i go skiing i will look a bit cooler or at least not make quite as much of a fool of myself. time will tell.


2. Queenstown has awesome nightlife and saturday night was no exception!! winnie’s and chico’s are always a good time, and its fun to see such a mix of people out – much more so than just the students in dunedin.


3. We didn’t ski on the sunday as the weather wasn’t as good and we were tired from the night before. we spent a cruisey morning and midday hanging out in queenstown, enjoying yummy coffee and baking from the always-fantastic vudu cafe, and the boys enjoyed devil burger for lunch (ferg’s competitor). we headed back to dunedin at 3pm, and by then the weather had cleared up and it was a gloriously sunny day which made the drive very enjoyable as we marvelled at the stunning scenery. central otago is just the most beautiful place – i can never get enough and always feel sad when it’s time to leave! we arrived back in dunedin around quarter to 7, and we all hustled off to bed pretty quickly after that!

4. i’m running again yay! however, 6 weeks of no exercise means that i can barely run for 5 mins without feeling tired and out of breath – the physio advised me to start off doing 5 mins running, 5 mins walking, etc and i tell you, the end of the 300 seconds of running cannot come soon enough! Pretty gutted as the chances of me doing the half marathon in September that i was planning on are looking very slim, but slow and steady wins the race (i’m defs the tortoise at the moment) and you know, I have the rest of my life to do a half marathon!


5. It was my mum’s birthday yesterday! a year and a day ago i was sneaking off to christchurch to surprise her – hoping that she didn’t expect the same this year as my non-arrival won’t be quite as nice a surprise ;) she is so very wonderful and my favourite person alive. I love you mummy! (yes, i call her mummy, deal with it bro)

6. I’m off to a couple of films in the nz international film festival- our little sister and city of gold, and i have high hopes for them both! i usually try to go to chinese or french speaking ones (you know, so i can pretend i understand them while really just reading the subtitles) but none of them stood out to me much in this year’s selection. don’t worry, i’ll report back with bells on – they might even get their own post!


7. i just got new black jeans (my old pair was getting very holey along the seams so no longer wearable) and, in the words of zoë foster blake, feel slicker than a rat with a gold tooth! i got mid rise vegas as riders are always a really good fit on my body and am pleased as punch with them.