taking stock, dc edition

Learning: so much every second, via piles of readings, classes and talks
Cooking: yummy meals for my flatmates, like butter chicken and pumpkin risotto
Drinking: lovely icy sour IPAs
Reading: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd which is a needed reminder that my education as a woman is a gift and a privilege and not only something that tortures me
Wanting: to make the most of every day, to figure out how to be both happy and productive
Enjoying: my daily bike rides to class on my bike i’ve nicknamed Susan
Wondering: what the coming months will hold
Listening: to The Chainsmokers and Macklemore and letting them get me through the days
Loving: my cute part-time job which makes me feel capable and efficient
Hoping: that the cool people I’ve met through classes will turn into dear friends
Eating: new crunchy Honeycrisp apples, yum
Smelling: my jasmin noir perfume which i still love so much
Wearing: a lot of dresses and my beloved 5 pound silver loafers
Watching: Buffy the vampire slayer with my flatmates
Noticing: little bits and pieces of DC – fun architecture, shops, street signs
Knowing: that this is all still very new, that I must be patient with myself and others
Thinking: about the fact that this year will go by quickly even as the days feel long
Laughing: at sassy asides in readings and my stats lecturer’s self deprecating jokes
Feeling: a little tender and fragile, but also deeply hopeful in the wonderful things to come

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