taking stock


Learning: the french passé simple tense, at least 3 years later than i ought to have (such a weird mix of simple and convoluted – which i suppose is true for any language!)
Cooking: sausage casserole for flat dinner tonight! sounds awful, but is supreme comfort food.
Drinking: too much coffee, always.
Reading: short stories by Albert Camus, in french (can you tell that my french exam is coming up?)
Wanting: exams to be over but simultaneously to go on forever, because end of exams = end of dunedin!
Enjoying: spending time with my sweet dunedin friends.
Wondering: what my life next year will be like.
Listening: to Adele’s new song on repeat.
Loving: all the fun activities we’ve been doing to complete our dunedin bucket list.
Hoping: for wonderful weather this summer.
Eating: blue cheese on crackers with my grandma’s homemade quince paste – so glad i have learned to love blue cheese. now for red wine..
Smelling: the jo malone samples i’ve been spritzing (wood smoke and sea salt, mm)
Wearing: cozy flannel pyjamas that it will soon be too warm to wear to bed.
Watching: the final season of Downton Abbey, ah!
Noticing: the last of the blossoms around campus
Knowing: that my days as a scarfie will be over very quickly
Thinking: about my twenty years of life so far, and what the next twenty will look like
Laughing: a lot about the silliest things
Feeling: so very blessed.

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