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hi beauties! Happy monday (ha). my mum and my sister are jetting off to warmer climes for the school holidays and i’m hopelessly jealous. encountering the prettiest cloud of cherry blossoms was just the ticket for remembering my (countless) blessings… though a little more sun and warmth would not go amiss, hear that dunedin???
anyway, here are some links for your procrastinating delight!

these are brilliant. so inspiring and just excellent!

not sure i can entirely relate to this at this point in my life, but i adore my family and want lots of quantity, that’s for sure!

i totally breathed a sigh of relief reading the first half of this article. and then my eyebrows went up and up and up the second half! i mean, seriously????

preach, izy! i related to 100% of this, so so so true (and i kind of love how she didn’t mention it before she did it, only afterwards. you go gal.)

this polly lady is so wise. bookmarked for later reading.

i looooved this interview… i want to be friends with nancy meyers! rom coms are my favourite, and i love how she makes no apologies for them. it also made me excited to see the intern, which i’m off to on wednesday night!

another sigh of relief – books are magic.

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