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^^^ (wishing my surroundings were this scenic every time i listened to podcasts! on a ferry in the croatian islands) ^^^

i’m sure i’ve mentioned now and then that i enjoy listening to podcasts. the thing with podcasts, i find, is that recommendations are essential in order to find them! with a song or a band, you can decide in less than 30 seconds whether you like them, but i find i need to listen to at least one or two whole podcasts to ascertain whether i want to keep listening, which is fairly time consuming, so recommendations are key!
a cup of jo has a good post (which has over 200 comments on it recommending more!) and i’m sure plenty of other blogs do too, but i thought i’d throw my 2 cents in as well.

the first podcast i ever listened to was the Hamish and Andy podcast. just picture year 10 anna, with her 2nd generation ipod nano! i think i listened to them in bed at night and i’d have a terrible time trying to muffle my laughter with the rest of the family asleep.

i then moved on to listening to the joy the baker podcast religiously. i used to catch the bus to speech lessons and home from work in year 11 and 12 so joy and tracy’s friendly chats in my ear were my saving grace on boring bus rides.

first year of university, I listened to les femmes, toute une histoire to improve my french listening, often while playing solitaire on my laptop (such a good combo haha!) molly and matthew’s spilled milk was also a good time – american junk food seemed so exotically artificial.

this year i’ve discovered many more which bring me such joy to listen to.
Here are the podcasts i regularly listen to:

– i linked to this one in my last post, but let’s just chat about it a bit more. the story of how a whole town vanished ten years ago. only two episodes have been released so far of a 7 part series. it’s fictional but is presented as real, with interviews, news reports, ‘recordings’ etc. it’s creepy! but so gripping and i’m hanging out for the next installment!
start with: episode 1

– started listening to this in order to complete assignments for my behavioural eco paper, and kept listening because they were such a great time! they are suuuper light on the economics jargon and theory and much more about simply interesting topics and phenomena of human life, that economics can relate to (spoiler alert: everything) so you definitely don’t need a background in eco to listen. however, if you do have such a background (like i do, i mean those 9 eco papers and the >$6000 they cost me has to count for something) it is quite fun to recognise names and concepts and feel smart haha.
start with: when willpower isn’t enough

this american life
– this podcast has a theme each week which the 3 stories all relate to, in interesting ways. i don’t listen to this nearly as much as i should, because the >1 hour long episodes seem like such a commitment when i’m scrolling through my podcast app. but i’m a real donkey because every time i do, i’m so glad i did because i get tons out of it, learn lots and enjoy myself lots. so this description is really just a note to self!
start with: the most recent (you can’t download past episodes without paying, so just start subscribing and you’ll get a new one each week).

the longest shortest time
– one glance at my ‘lovely blogs’ page will tell you all you need to know about my love of lifestyle/family blogs a.k.a i have a lot of interest in kids and parenting for someone who is verrrry far away from that stage herself! i quite like this podcast which is about parenting and kids but raises some interesting points and issues that i hadn’t necessarily considered before. pick wisely, and they’re a great time.
start with: accidental gay parents 1& 2 (everyone should listen to this!)

a history of the world in 100 objects
– i recently started listening to this and i love it! i think my grandparents have the book so i can’t wait to check it out when i’m next at the farm. the episodes are only 15 mins ish long and each focuses on an object from history. listening chronologically you start with something from the stone age and end up in the 21st century! i’m up to number 8 (10,000 years BC ish) so clearly have tons to go haha but i’m really, really loving them. i feel like my knowledge of ancient history (well, anything pre 1000 AD really) is pretty patchy and these are lovely digestible installments of it. Neil Macgregor, who is the curator of the British museum, narrates them and he has a lovely british accent that is very soothing to listen to. i like listening to these when i’m starting to get ready for bed as 15 mins is a good amount of time to get things organised for the morning, brush my teeth, put pjs on etc, and helps to wind down while avoiding to the demon blue light of my phone screen!
start with: the 1st one of course! mummy of hornedjitef.

the biggest story in the world
– global warming! more british accents! this podcast follows the outgoing editor of The Guardian newspaper in the UK, and his attempts to bring attention to and advocate for climate change measures. super interesting and i felt like i learned a lot listening to it.
start with: episode one – it’s a chronological series.

awesome etiquette
– oh this is cute! the lovely Lizzie Post and Dan Post Senning from the Emily Post institute chat about all things etiquette. they are cousins and have the nicest rapport because of this. they answer around 4 listener questions each episode which i love. it’s fun listening to the question and guessing what their response is going to be! and now in my daily life i’m always trying to scout out a new etiquette situation so i can email them a question and have it answered hahaha. i’ll be sure to link to it if/when i do!
start with: ooh, that’s a tough one! the episodes leading up to dan’s wedding are fun.

– haha, lucky last! i’m SURE you will have heard of this if not listened to it already, but what kind of podcast list would this be without it? i found it so gripping, and listened to it much later so didn’t have to wait a week between each episode. i could even run listening to it which is a big deal for me! very interesting hearing about all the machinations of prosecution, and i still feel very mistrustful of Jay haha.
start with: episode 1


3 thoughts on “precious podcasts

  1. Clara Breitenmoser says:

    Just finished the first episode of Serial and was not a strategic move on my behalf to start when I really don’t need more ways to procrastinate!


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