7 QT: hello spring!


1. happy spring! blossoms! and daffidols! spring has become more special to me during my time in dunedin, thanks no doubt to how absolutely vile winter is here so any sign of it being over seems like the best thing ever. we are also lucky enough to have lots of blossom trees around the university campus so walking to class becomes a dreamy stroll through the pink frothy trees in september.


2. speaking of spring, we had the greatest time picking daffodils in chch. my mum, clara and I each filled up a bucket and my sis sarah was on photographer duty with the 4 smart phones we had with us – she felt very fancy with 3 iphones and a samsung galaxy in her pocket!


3. we also met two sweet lambs only 7 days old – how gorgeous!


4. food was a highlight of being home – my mum bought us fresh pasta, fresh pesto, gourmet yoghurt and muesli, and amazing precooked croissants that you just pop in the oven to cook – ahh so good after typical budget student fare! plus lemony gin and tonics oh my.


5. managed to tick off c1 and black and white coffee cartel which were great as always. curly fries shot across the room in a tube – can’t get much zanier or cooler than that!


5. this song is soooo cool! i got super obsessed with the original version by the Mamas and the Papas a few months ago and the cover by Sia is superb!

6. absolutely adoring steel cut oats for breakfast and don’t know how i’ll ever go back to the plain rolled ones! my mum bought me two packets in the break so i’m steadily working my way through them. i love how easy they are in the mornings – i just scoop out my desired amount from the container i keep them in the fridge, add a splash of milk then microwave for a minute or so. so tasty! the texture is perfect! at first it was kind of weird to get used to – so much chewing! but now i loooove it.


7. i’m loving running now that the weather is getting better – spring and autumn would have to be my favourite times of year to run – just the ideal temperature!

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