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I just got back from a blissful weekend in Christchurch – clara and I went up to stay with my family, go daffodil picking (!!) and have a wee break from dunedin. well, it was just wonderful! i’ll tell you more about it soon, but for now, here’s seven marvellous essays to keep you busy!

this post is brought to you by the handy safari feature of a reading list: whenever bloggers share links, i go through and save the ones that appeal to me to my reading list, and so whenever I’m in the mood to have a read of the internet, i just go through my reading list!

this was very thought provoking and really gives a new perspective to the age old issue of drug addiction.

‘and yet’ – very lovely!

i have very romantic notions of going to cafés next year alone to read a book or write blog posts – for someone who doesn’t really enjoy being alone very much, it may not be as romantic as i’m hoping. this article had some good tips (though christchurch is no NYC!)

i’m ready for summer food after a winter of so much soup but i thought this was gorgeous.

very sweet touching story. and now i want french food!

yes! nothing replaces a book, and books are crucial to us as a society.

reminders we all need.

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