goodbye sugar!


i’ve been struggling with sugar cravings for days and i’m really over it! so i’ve decided that monday starts the beginning of a sugar free fortnight.
I went sugar free for the month of october last year and had a really fantastic experience with it: I cut out all cane sugar plus honey and dried fruit (i also didn’t have any artificial sweeteners, but these are not part of my diet anyway).

although i definitely missed sugar the first couple of days, cravings soon disappeared and i was amazed at how sweet the taste fruit and herbal tea became – even roast pumpkin was a revelation! the first time I had a sweet treat following my no sugar month it tasted sooooo tooth achingly sweet and really one dimensional flavour wise, so actually not enjoyable at all! however, of course, i got used to sugar again and its addictive properties put me back under its spell.

so i’m excited to begin my fortnight of no sugar, because although i like to think i eat a pretty healthy diet (very little junk food etc) sugar is definitely a weak area, and something i only realise how much i have of it when i start to cut it out.
ideally i would like to restrict my sugar intake to special occasions like birthdays or when i bake something really special, as opposed to regularly, mindlessly eating mediocre sweets. additionally, post my behavioural eco paper where we learned a lot about what sugar does to us physiologically, i know that the less of it I have the better!

so, this is an announcement to keep me accountable. why only a fortnight? because i’m going home for the mid semester break in a fortnight and i’ll be baking at home and catching up over food with friends, and so i’d really rather not set myself up to fail! also, after 2 weeks there is definitely nothing keeping me from staying sugar free, so i’ll see how it goes.

instead of porridge with dates for breakfast, i’ll be having eggs with spinach, i’ve already begun appreciating the taste of black tea sans sugar (pro tip – it’s all in the strength) and fortunately i never have sugar in coffee so i don’t have to give that up (because a world without coffee is a world i don’t want to live in!)

if any of you would like to join me for this challenge that would be fantastic! anyone can quit sugar for 2 weeks, it’s a totally manageable goal and i find when i’m healthier in one section of my life the other parts like sleep and exercise tend to slot into place.

here’s to two weeks of healthier living! and now, i’m off to get a kapiti icecream to finish things off with a bang.


4 thoughts on “goodbye sugar!

  1. Clara Breitenmoser says:

    I’ll join you! 2 weeks sounds like the perfect challenge and I certainly feel sugared out after this past weekend – though I might still have honey on my breakfast!

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  2. Caitlyn @ Candid Cerebrations says:

    Kudos to you for embarking on this challenge. I’d love to join you but this month involves so many visitors/trips that I can’t/don’t want to commit because I know I’ll never follow it. I really want to try Federal Donuts when I’m in Philly this weekend. Hopefully I can join you next time or maybe I’ll do it on my own come September.

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    • Anna says:

      I totally understand, hence why I’m just doing two weeks before my mid semester break! Yes for sure, it’s a very worthwhile thing to do, even just to make you conscious how much sugar you eat on a day to day basis.


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