7QT: barre, bollywood and the bachelor


^^^ throwback to that time in the holidays when i got my makeup done at Nars and then made Sarah take a million photos of me ^^^


1. just adoring this song right now: it feels really familiar in the sweetest way! i am known for my very easy listening-y, downbuzz taste in music (with some mainstream pop thrown in for good measure) hence i am never put on music duty at the flat! i was flattered and vindicated to see that my taste is linked to empathy! oh yeah, how’d you like me now.

2. oh man the last season of Downton Abbey is coming up!! ahh how will i cope; all i ask is that they find a gorgeous man for Mary, please!

3. I was enjoying my read of Hello! magazine waiting for the checkout on our flat shop the other day and my flatmate commented, upon seeing the big picture of kate and george on the cover “I don’t know what’s worse, your D rate taste in television or adoration of that dreadful family” i responded pointing out that really i only followed Will and Kate and their kids, which was followed by the retort “oh so you’re a basic royal watcher then”. can’t win! in unrelated news (lol) the bachelor australia is back! i have to say, i find the antipodean versions of these shows refreshing compared the american originals – everyone is much more likeable and down to earth.

4. i’m also missing game of thrones and wondering if i should start reading the books? my brother owns them all so it’d be easy to do. BUT i usually hate watching the film after reading the book as all the changes stress me out so surely it’ll be just as bad the other way around? also i have a limited capacity for large numbers of characters (lord of the rings haha NO) and I’ve heard that its all quite complex. i think i’ll just stick to satisfying my GOT cravings by looking at the cast’s instagram feeds haha.

5. we are doing bollywood next week in my asian studies paper! can’t wait! the bright colours and beautiful ladies and happy singing and dancing, it will be great!

6. i’m going to barre class tonight with clara! i’m so excited to see what it’s like, i feel like i’ve heard it mentioned so many times and it’s really cool that classes have started up in dunedin.

7. i’m making teriyaki chicken from this gem of a book tomorrow night and i’m excited! i hope it tastes delicious! if so i will defs have to blog about it. our favourite sushi place in christchurch has such good teriyaki chicken sushi – the sauce all sweet and gooey with big hunks of tender chicken … mmm!

and a picture of my puppy dog cause i miss her!

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2 thoughts on “7QT: barre, bollywood and the bachelor

    • Anna says:

      Hi! I actually really enjoyed it, it was quite hard with lots of pliés and intense stretching which i am still feeling two days later haha but i found the focus on posture really valuable. I am on my laptop a lot with studying and I definitely notice that i tend to get quite hunched shoulders, and in the barre class you constantly had to have your shoulders back and standing very straight which hopefully will improve my posture as i keep going to them. The classes in Dunedin are also really affordable: $60 for a 10 class pass which I think is reasonable for my budget – I know that barre can be up to $25 per class which just wouldn’t be realistic for me! Thanks for your comment! xx


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