7 QT: ski bunny (or not)


1. i had the best weekend in queenstown! first things first: skiing- i started at a very low point: fell over getting off the chairlift, then again like 2 secs later on the snow, and ended up being on the chairlift back down the mountain (so embarrassing!) however, the day only improved from then on. I first reminded myself how to ski again via my old friend the magic carpet, which was then followed by quite a few jollies down the next step up ‘the big easy’. i worked my way down from falling over 4 times on my first go to a big fat zero by the afternoon!

i have to say i was feeling quite exasperated and fed up earlier on in the day when i felt like the biggest fail!! but after giving myself a pep talk while riding the magic carpet (which included “you’re pretty uncoordinated, the only sport you’ve ever been very good at is cross country running, which literally requires you to do something all humans can naturally do, so why would you be really good at skiing first off?”) and keeping my expectations nice and low  (“ok, goal for this run is to only fall over twice!”) i felt much happier. by the end of the day i was having the best time, feeling really proud of myself and even navigating the chairlifts with ease! mission succeeded. so hopefully the next time i go skiing i will look a bit cooler or at least not make quite as much of a fool of myself. time will tell.


2. Queenstown has awesome nightlife and saturday night was no exception!! winnie’s and chico’s are always a good time, and its fun to see such a mix of people out – much more so than just the students in dunedin.


3. We didn’t ski on the sunday as the weather wasn’t as good and we were tired from the night before. we spent a cruisey morning and midday hanging out in queenstown, enjoying yummy coffee and baking from the always-fantastic vudu cafe, and the boys enjoyed devil burger for lunch (ferg’s competitor). we headed back to dunedin at 3pm, and by then the weather had cleared up and it was a gloriously sunny day which made the drive very enjoyable as we marvelled at the stunning scenery. central otago is just the most beautiful place – i can never get enough and always feel sad when it’s time to leave! we arrived back in dunedin around quarter to 7, and we all hustled off to bed pretty quickly after that!

4. i’m running again yay! however, 6 weeks of no exercise means that i can barely run for 5 mins without feeling tired and out of breath – the physio advised me to start off doing 5 mins running, 5 mins walking, etc and i tell you, the end of the 300 seconds of running cannot come soon enough! Pretty gutted as the chances of me doing the half marathon in September that i was planning on are looking very slim, but slow and steady wins the race (i’m defs the tortoise at the moment) and you know, I have the rest of my life to do a half marathon!


5. It was my mum’s birthday yesterday! a year and a day ago i was sneaking off to christchurch to surprise her – hoping that she didn’t expect the same this year as my non-arrival won’t be quite as nice a surprise ;) she is so very wonderful and my favourite person alive. I love you mummy! (yes, i call her mummy, deal with it bro)

6. I’m off to a couple of films in the nz international film festival- our little sister and city of gold, and i have high hopes for them both! i usually try to go to chinese or french speaking ones (you know, so i can pretend i understand them while really just reading the subtitles) but none of them stood out to me much in this year’s selection. don’t worry, i’ll report back with bells on – they might even get their own post!


7. i just got new black jeans (my old pair was getting very holey along the seams so no longer wearable) and, in the words of zoë foster blake, feel slicker than a rat with a gold tooth! i got mid rise vegas as riders are always a really good fit on my body and am pleased as punch with them.