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oh i just loved this post! A cup of jo posted eight ‘how i knew’ stories and they made me so happy and teary! ps – see if you can spot jo’s husband’s story – the sweetest thing.

its no secret i think the world of deb – the beginning of my interest in blogs and blogging. i was so happy to hear of her pregnancy and now she’s had her baby! i can’t deny i was wrapped when i saw she’d named her daughter Anna, which i think is such a great name! (naturally)

another Anna – from the gorgeous blog dear friend, has been in Croatia on her honeymoon and her instagram posts took me back in the strongest way – all the photos were so familiar to me! i just want to go back! my grandparents are also going to travel there soon, so it feels like everyone but me is over there! slight exaggeration, i know, but i miss it so! europe is just so perfect (yet so far away).

i’m going to queenstown for the weekend! oh i just can’t wait! my flatmate has a house which we are fortunately able to stay at, and we’re going skiing! although i am 100% a wanaka girl at heart, queenstown is so much fun, especially with friends. zoe’s post (for an aussie ;) is great.

100 years of fashion – I just can’t get enough of these videos! the iran one was super cool too!

i’m utterly obsessed with outlander: over the weekend, I watched 7 episodes in 24 hours. as i’m descended from several scottish clans, i feel like i’m connecting with my heritage ;)

being the period drama junkie that I am, I also really want to start watching north and south, indian summers, poldark, and gran hotel (jenna has me so intrigued)! this list was cool. plus i watched jane eyre over the break with my sister and adored it! highly recommend.

and to keep the croatia wanderlust going, here are a few photos from hvar and korcula from this time last year:





Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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