7 QT: winter, etc


1. if you couldn’t tell from the proprietal smirk on my face in the photo above, i made an apron! it only took me 4 years from purchasing the fabric to the finished product hahaha! suffice to say it lurked around the back of drawers for a while. i now own two floral aprons, it makes me feel like a 50s housewife/ domestic goddess (clearly not that much of a goddess otherwise it wouldn’t have taken me 4 years). i was up in wellington for my friend clara’s birthday and i was telling friends about it and they were trying to rationalise the whole 4 years thing – “so you hand stitched it?” “..no…” “then.. why?” “shouldn’t that take an afternoon to whip up” “look guys it’s a big deal for me ok” haha.

2. wellington was great! i was only there for two nights but we had lots of fun and i finally got to visit clara’s bach too! we went to loretta for lunch which was so good and then flight hangar for brunch and visited the famed unity books and WWI exhibit at the war memorial which was very well done. nearly missed my flight back to christchurch but i made it thank goodness!

3. ok i’m a broken record but it is just so very cold in dunedin right now! you know how when you step out into the freezing cold you make a kind of involuntary swooshing noise and shiver? well that noise is being made by the entire population of dunedin right now and it’s deafening! seriously though, the northern hemisphere instagrams and blog posts are really killing me – on first glance i tut like a mother hen at their summery attire – then on second thoughts i register the (20º or so) difference in temperature we each are facing…

4. it’s been quite hard getting back into the swing of things with the afore mentioned paper dramas, cold weather and health things like an injured foot and slight cold, meaning exercise isn’t really an option. plus just not feeling settled into the rhythm of things yet with not knowing my timetable or which rooms i’m in for class etc. and because i am generally a chirpy wee chook it gets me down when i don’t feel super happy! which sounds silly but i just have to remind myself that i don’t have to be happy 24/7, and indeed that’s a ridiculous proposition, and to just accept whatever emotion i’m feeling in the moment, rather than get upset over it! easier said than done, times a million, but i’m working on it. lots of articles i’ve read on happiness have mentioned that consistently happy people accept when they are not happy, instead of beating themselves up about it. since we have a society and culture that kind of idolises happiness, not feeling happy can feel like a capital offence!


5. i currently have 88 books on my ‘to read’ list and Janssen’s posts have definitely helped to supplement the list! now, how to find the time (and strategic library visiting) to read them all… i bought my mum three books for her birthday – what alice forgot, the husband’s secret and we are all completely beside ourselves which i can’t wait to read myself when she finishes them! (yes, i am the sneakiest present giver – i also like to give nail polish and magazines – selfish or genius?)

6. i am currently following the greek crisis and feel like i have a little more insight that many in NZ as i studied it and wrote an essay for my eco paper last year! ugh, i am just so lucky that the reason i am following it is out of curiosity and interest – that i don’t live in greece or the other eurozone countries in which this has huge, life changing implications. i’m sure NZ will be affected in some way – we live in a global world after all – but so little compared with many other countries. hoping that whatever happens will not cause too much suffering.


7. we had the swooniest sunset in christchurch the other night. i just love the sky!




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