links minx

I’m three exams down and feeling done already, hence instead of french study i’m collating some of my favourite links from the last wee while:

fun unrelated picture of me looking like a donkey in front of the clocktower (thanks madeleine!)


on to the good stuff!

i hope i never stop feeling awe – though i mean new zealand is far too beautiful to! this article was really cool.

and on that note, if you’re in need of some reminding of how awe inspiring this life is, this video is phenomenal!

this buzzfeed piece made me laugh out loud the entire time, and the second and third times when i showed it to other people! ps though – number 18 – such a boy thing!

so happy for lauren and geena with their beautiful new babies!

how good are the cup of jo “my beauty uniform” and hey natalie jean “what’s in your makeup bag” series? i just lap them up, and of course i always love seeing jessica’s monthly makeup favourites!

of course this made my day: especially love the one of george kissing his baby sister! my heart!

drooling over these – and wishing the weather was warm enough to warrant making them! i mean icecream is a year round thing, but with the freezing temperatures we’ve been, um, enjoying, lately, i’d rather take my icecream in the form of a gently melting scoop of vanilla atop a crumble or self saucing pudding.

back soon! i’ve missed you! xx


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