7 QT: i should be studying right now


1. I had such a beautiful social friday and saturday last week! and then sunday turned to custard but we won’t go there haha. on friday afternoon madeleine had an early 21st celebration as she will be in new caledonia on her actual birthday. she booked ironic and there were tons of people and stunning nibbles and a cheeky drink and lots of chats and fun photos!

Then i zoomed home to get ready for my flatmate’s 21st- such a fun time, lots of his family came which was brilliant as we know them quite well, had cute family time and then went to Lone Star which they’d rented out part of for the night. funny speeches, lots of our friends, good music – what more could you want!

2. saturday was brilliant too! during the day me and jess went to grab a quick coffee to power our study which turned into a nearly 2 hour chat sorting out her future plans, which are all set in concrete now miss jessica because they involve us in the same place for most of next year! so grateful for her sweet friendship – we seriously are a force to be reckoned with when deep in conversation. when we went out for dinner in the hols, the poor waiter would have asked us at least eight times for our drinks/food orders before we were able tear ourselves away from our chats to read the menu!

then at night clara’s mama was in town, and took clara, jess, nelly, celia, lucy and me out for dinner to the very beautiful restaurant Esplanade out at St Clair, a beach suburb of Dunedin. We had the most scrumptious italian meal, complete with antipasto, prosecco, pasta, pizza, yummy salads and whittakers hot chocolate – such a happy night and so very kind of Caroline, and Clara too for sharing her precious mum time with us!

3. i’m sure you all do but if you don’t, you should most definitely follow momastery. glennon is so gorgeous and her posts just give me such hope. She recently did a love flash mob for her charity Together Rising which helps amazing, inspirational people and oh man, i wish i was rich and could donate millions to it!

4. US bachelorette – are you watching? i looooved kaitlyn on chris’s season so i was glad when she became bachelorette, but i felt really bad for britt at the same time! i can’t blame her for being so shocked – i mean, the only reason you would put yourself in that position would be if you thought you were going to ‘win’  and become bachelorette. it was just sad to see her rejected again! not cool, bachelor producers. so far i quite like Ian and Shawn but it’s early days yet!

5. i used the website lucidpress for the afore mentioned french pastiche – i love it! would highly highly recommend if you have any assignment or project type thing that you want presented nicely but have neither the time nor patience to puddle on microsoft word. the templates looked so pro and transformed my pastiche! all handed in now, praise be!!

6. all my friends have taken the myers briggs now and we have a selction of ENFP, ENFJ, ESFP, INFP and INFJ …. so interesting! interestingly, we had two people who were on the border between ESFP and ENFP and could find traits in both they identified with! all this personality stuff just gets exponentially more fun the more people you get onto it, it brings me such joy!

7. six60 on saturday and i’m so excited! they are this brilliant NZ band who formed in Dunedin while flatting at (you guessed it) 660 Castle Street. Their songs are brilliant -perfect to chill too, and they (literally) don’t forgot their roots and always find any excuse to pop back to Dunedin, and often return to their old flat to play after concerts in dunedin! my favourite song ever of theirs is probably only to be, but all of their newest album is brilliant, especially too much, purple and find my way. highly recommend you give them a listen!!

ok, don’t hate me if this is my last blog post until after exams okay? i am going to be soooooo busy so i won’t have time to blog! see you on the flipside (June 17th, it cannot come soon enough!)

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