7 QT: may musings

1. SO HAPPY AND EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW PRINCESS! i am the biggest fan of will and kate and george and this new baby has made me so happy! i am dying to find out her name and to watch this precious wee girl grow!! i cried watching will and kate holding her outside the hospital, so exciting!!

2. it’s feijoa season! for years i didn’t think i liked them, but when i went to uni i tried them and now i just adore them. do people eat feijoas in other countries? I swear i’ve never seen recipes for them! they are a little sour and tart yet sweet and just so delish. also, i cannot resist anything that requires eating with a teaspoon – i would eat my dinner with a teaspoon if i could get away with it – it’s a great utensil ;)


3. NZ Bachelor – oh my gosh last two epsiodes this week!! team matilda! though i don’t mind Alysha. such quality tv ;)

4. my flatmate’s parents came over on saturday and his mum (who i get on with like a house on fire) made us savoury scones AND pancakes and supplied toppings such as maple syrup, apricot jam and nutella!! i think this is my goal in life when my kids go flatting – i’ve got at least 25 years until that happens though so i should probably not get too ahead of myself haha.

5. Just when I’ve made my mind up that dunedin is awful and freezing and bascially the arctic, it pulls out stunning warm glorious autumn days, and redeems itself just in time!


6. I just had to write an essay on Brazil’s development and it was terribly interesting – I just wished that I didn’t have to write an essay on the topic! It’s insane what the world bank will tell you though on various countries and you can map them against each other. I remember this quoteI possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing the entirety of information known to man. I use it to look at pictures of cats and get into arguments with strangers.” oof. hows that for thought provoking and guilt tripping!! but that’s my tip for the day! go and have a look at the world bank development indicators! you might get a different perspective of a country that you didn’t understand much about before, or your own country, for that matter, and then, okay, you can go look at pictures of cats, far be it for me to be the fun police ;)

7. this following quote is basically my life motto:


i just love it, and try to remember to do this every single day. a sliver of perfect blue sky, the tawny leaves of the trees, a blazing sunset, a sweet pep talk from a friend, a delicious coffee warming my hands as i walk to a lecture – these are all moments that i look up at the sky, and think to myself that i am happy, right now, in this moment. and then the day goes on, and i have a tedious lecture, or receive a weird text, or the sky clouds over and it begins to rain, and i’m not staring up at the sky and counting my blessings any longer.

but the funny thing is, is that the more you do this- the more you stop and realise when things are good – the more they seem to happen. and right now, as i write this post, that my nearest and dearest are going to read, cuddled up in my bed with clean sheets and glowing fairy lights casting my bed in a warm glow, i think I am happy, right now, in this moment.

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