resolution update

Okay kiddliwinks, after 120 days of this year, how are my resolutions/intentions faring?

Let’s assess:

1. be consistent with running (and hopefully complete a half marathon!)
– this has been going well, self! i’ve been running at least 3 times per week and have enlisted a buddy to do the half marathon with. keep up the good work!
I give myself 4 stars ★★★★

2. figure out postgrad.
– i’ve been trying hard in my courses to keep my grades up, written myself a timeline of various admission dates and submitted an application for a BIG DEAL scholarship (don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted!)
Again, i’m doing well. I give myself 4 stars ★★★★

3.continue to work on this blog.
– hmm, perhaps you’re more qualified to answer this one than i am? I’m trying!! i have had a few big-ish gaps, but I think i’ve been ok in my posting.
I give myself 3 1/2 stars ★★★⭐︎

4. stop interrupting people.
– oh drat, I forgot about this one! i don’t know if i’ve been awful, buuuuut i also haven’t been consciously trying to eliminate it. back to the drawing board on this one – BAD anna!
I give myself 1 star ★

5. find a way to give back to my community.
– ugh, this hasn’t been a very productive one either. the furthest i’ve got is joining a couple of charitable dunedin groups on facebook! however, i think i saw for one of them there is going to be an initiative in the next couple weeks, so I will try my best to get involved and help out with that.
Could do better – I give myself 2 stars ★★

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset

and a picture of me feeding a lamb for no particular reason. next post I promise will be a birthday one – I’ve just got to track down a few photos that i want to include and then we’ll be away laughing. happy sunday night xx

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