into my twenties

okay, it’s about time to talk about my 20th birthday aka the happiest i have been in a long time!! (i’m not kidding, I cried with happiness haha) (also this doesn’t mean i’m not happy on a day to day basis, this is like superlatively happy) (ok enough with the brackets anna).

anyway, my birthday started off in an unusual way: I had three tests! yes, that’s right, from 9-10, 10-11 and 11-12 i had the dubious pleasure of completing a total of 55% towards three of my papers. (oh wow, i didn’t sum those percentages up until now – thank goodness i didn’t, i would have been terrified!)

nothing much to note about the tests, but in french my dear friend liani made me the most sensational cupcakes:


and my friend Madeleine gave me a stunning card and chocolate bunny! and our lecturer made everyone sing me a “joyeux anniversaire” before handing out test papers- cheers constantin!

anyway, the tests went fine, and i promptly forgot all about them once i walked out at 12. Clara and I hurried off to meet Jess and go play with kittens! The students association was offering timeslots to go cuddle kittens as a stress release for students! so we toddled off and did that – i always forgot how deliciously soft baby animals fur is – so sweet!

we wandered back to the flat to unload books and laptops, and to meet Nelly to go out for lunch. i zipped back to mine to do so then came back and what a scene awaited me!

yes, that’s right – passionfruit meringue cupcakes and beautifully wrapped gifts!


i was so happy and overwhelmed! the funny thing is, the recipe box was for sale at a very cute shop in wanaka, and literally every time i went in the shop over summer I oohed and aahed over it- i thought it was just beautiful! and i reallllly wanted to buy it for myself. so when clara, nileesha, jess, lucy and madeleine gave it to me i was so so happy and amazed by their mind reading powers!

off we went to the favourite, morning magpie and had beautiful bagels:


and sweet celia joined us and gave me such a cheerful bunch of flowers!

stunning flowers from my aunties:


and a ring from the boys! i was so overwhelmed and delighted! they got in touch with my friends and family to find out my ring size, and chose this ring themselves – i was so happy with it, and it fits so nicely with my other rings: oh they are just so cute!!

^^^the one on my index finger^^^

And my family was in town as it was school hols! so they picked me up and we went back to their accommodation where they gave me cards and presents:

Sooo many tears reading my darling mum’s card:


and the most stunning presents: two gorgeous jumpers, a stunning black leather status anxiety bag, and the beautiful zoe and morgan shooting star ring!!


I am the biggest fan of zoe and morgan and have been lusting after this ring for a year! suffice to say i was just over the moon (i’m running out of words for happy and overwhelmed, have you noticed?!)

then we went and had an amazing meal at Plato:

beautiful nibbly platter, champagne and fresh blue cod (which i’ve decided is my very favourite food, which, when you love food as much as i do, is a tough one!)




white chocolate and raspberry cake for dessert, which was light as air (ryan “it’s like a sweet cloud”)

 my partners in crime, who’ve been through the last 16 and 18 years with me respectively!


back home to let everyone enjoy all the baked goods bestowed on me during the day, and i was given the sweetest loveliest cards that just about brought a tear to my eyes!


what a perfect day! and i may be sentimental, but really just all the thought and effort and LOVE that went into all the special presents and sweet treats i was given was even more special than the gifts themselves. i am a self proclaimed lover of surprises and i sure got plenty (wonderful wonderful) ones that day.

thank you with all my heart to my friends and family, as I said multiple times during the day:
how did i get so lucky? how did i get to be surrounded by such wonderful, loving, gorgeous people? 

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