dinner party

you know how you always have these grand plans of fun activities that never eventuate? well that’s me, 99% of the time. BUT NOT LAST WEEKEND!

sorry, i’m still stoked we managed to actually make this happen! i was chatting away to my friend Madeleine about, i don’t know, the usual rubbish i babble about to my long suffering friends and i said something about making hot cross buns for easter. she picked up on it and the idea somehow metamorphised into an easter dinner for us and three flat’s worth of friends!

see, if i had to map out how us and our friends know each other – it would not be a neat diagram, but rather a tangled web of high school/ class / halls / friends of friends – we are all suddenly very interconnected, which is just the loveliest thing and makes us all so happy. for example, i met madeleine through doing a french literature paper together – she also happens to be dear friends with our friend Grace through wellington/ church. Grace went through high school with clara, who i met through arana/ economics and so around it goes! mutliply this by like 15 girls and you have… a headache? seriously though, so fantastic! as someone who attended six different schools over the course of my schooling (seriously, cheers air force) this level of interconnection and the sheer number of fantastic girls thrills me.


^^^ a snippet of our wonderful friends – and us in our ‘sunset’ dresses! ^^^

ok, enough boasting anna, get on with the menu!

i am verrry lucky as my friend Nileesha is equally batty when it comes to food. i remember a bus trip we once took together – the first hour we had a great catch up on each other’s lives, the second hour we had funny discussions on various dunedin people we know, and the next three we literally just talked food – planning mexican fiestas, american south dinners and who knows what else. so when this dinner party began to materialize i knew that i would need her help. we decided on salmon as it is a real treat and given that we were going to be getting people to contribute money towards the dinner, we wanted them to feel like they were really getting their money’s worth. also, given it was still march, a roast or something just felt too wintery.

our meal plan for twelve hungry girls:

sweet chilli baked salmon with lemon and chives (A & N)


lemon risotto (N)
potato gratin (A)

multicoloured roasted carrots (N)
green salad (N)
green beans with lemon, olive oil and toasted flaked almonds (A)

tiramisu cake (N)
rhubarb custard tart (A)
apple tarte tatin (A)




…and despite a couple of mishaps – the flat oven ‘charring’ nelly’s meringue for the tiramisu cake, my first batch of custard curdling (i’m so predictable) and my caramel crystallising, we totally nailed it.

here are some more photos:




^^^ cutting the cake …i think i creeped nelly out a bit judging from her facial expression!!^^^

now, what recipes do you want? all of them? none of them? (actually please don’t comment that, i’ll be demoralised for weeks)

all the dishes except for the rhubarb tart and the tiramisu cake, were our own freestyled concoctions. the rhubarb tart comes from the little and friday recipe book that i chatted about in my profiterole post, and i’ll be in touch with nelly re the tiramisu cake.

^^^ getting my ‘waitress’ on… hey, that pi/e i promised you? i made two, just a week late hehe ^^^

after eating dinner, we got into deep chats and made our way through this list– have you heard of it – how to fall in love with anyone! provided some amazing conversation and truly reminded me of how much we all contain within us: hopes, fears, passions, loves – and of that fantastic Bill Nye quote: “everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” a very humbling but also lifting experience. we were all being so vulnerable and putting ourselves out there and that is such a beautiful thing, right?

the ladies i consider my favourite bloggers are very vulnerable and real with their posts. they put their hearts out there onto the INTERNET. can you believe it!! and it’s something i’m trying to work on. that evening everyone was allowing their vulnerability to show and it made absolute sense how that could lead to love between two people.

this is one of my favourite quotes and absolutely encapsulates that evening:


PS/disclaimer. as you definitely can tell, these photos are way better than usual! These are thanks to Madeleine, who is an amazing photographer and i definitely wish could photograph every blog entry i do for the rest of time. hence why there are way more photos than usual… we’ll be back to a couple of grainy iPhone photos for the next post,  don’t you worry!

2 thoughts on “dinner party

  1. Madeleine says:

    Ahhhh, this is so beautiful Anna! Heh, it only photographs so well because it was so good! :) Happy to have a photoshoot with you any time! xx


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