7 QT – hyde st, the bachelor and study inspiration


1. we had the hyde st party on saturday which is basically the dunedin student event of the year! 4000 people pile into one little narrow street and have the biggest party. I missed out last year so i was so excited to go – and it was amazing! we dressed up as a basketball team – as you can see we had fun taking pictures! we had a champagne breakfast and crepes with yummy toppings beforehand which was perfect. I feel like i’ve ticked it off my dunedin bucket list, which is handy with it being my last year here and all ;)

2. the bachelor has come to new zealand and its just the best thing! i’m liking matilda so far – such a cute name right? oh ps on the bachelor usa i was so so pleased chris chose whitney and may or may not have cried – it was just so perfect!
3. i made this recipe for dinner the other night and it was so so good – i used to make it tons last year and it is always so yum.

4. i went to the career development centre at uni the other day and got majorly guilt tripped about my lack of extra curricular activities while i’ve been at uni – i was such a committed wee chicken at high school and then i got to uni and it all flew out the window haha. i thought all students were only supposed to study and drink – what is this other business?


5. i am hanging out for the easter break!!!! i get to spend ten days at home with the family and whats more they are also on holiday at that time!! i can’t wait to do lots of fun activities and outings with my sister and mama. sarah, get ready for some cafe trawling!

6. i got given a brand new iPhone 4s back when i sent it in to get fixed and i cannot get over how good the battery life is!! i haven’t charged it once today and it’s still on 40% at eleven o clock at night!!! it used to die three times a day! i honestly couldn’t care less about the fact I am 3 versions behind, my family were gunning for me to get upgraded when i got the phone back but the battery life is a treat and all i need is insta, feedly and snapchat #reallife.

7. in my chinese cinema paper we’ve just had a response paper due and i stupidly agreed to do it in chinese – instead of english!! it was stressing me out big time and i felt like i couldn’t remember how to say anything.. but sure enough after a few days of reading and writing chinese i got back into it and feel insanely proud to have submitted a 700 word film critique in chinese! (which translates to like 1000 words in english – we anglo saxons are a lot wordier). it’s a personal win – i have the strongest sense of accomplishment that will stay with me for a while. it’s just brilliant to know that even after a nearly 5 month break from using a language, i will be able to pick it back up and surprise myself. i was pinning a LOT of pinterest inspirational quotes to get me through and making them my screensaver etc – here are some of my faves:  i hope if you’re having a crazy week these help you like they helped me!

IMG_5862     IMG_5976

right, i’m off to the library to catch up on the notes that i have rather neglected in my chinese concentrations! happy week all – we bought ingredients for a hot cross bun bread and butter pudding which i’m going to make for the fatties flatties later on this week, so i’ll report back if it’s extra yum!

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