a plain good day


yesterday was just one of those excellent days, that you have a beaming smile on your face all day long. it wasn’t even supposed to be a particularly good day – i was off to a tutorial, then dashing to give blood, then dash to work… you get my drift. but against all odds it was absolutely great!

ok, about to stand on my soapbox here, don’t worry it’ll be over in a sec:
give blood!! to be fair, this was only my second time giving blood and i’m nearly twenty which is pretty naughty, but it’s something i now feel very passionate about. it was something i’d always planned to do but had never gotten around to doing. i just needed an incentive/ to be told to!! my friend clara was booking herself in for an appointment in october last year and nicely-but-forcefully got me and our friend Jess to put our names down too (under the pretext: it’ll be fun! we can chat during and eat biscuits and drink tea together after!) (see, you can tell she’s a good ‘un)

i found out i was O positive which is a very lovely and obliging blood type, as far as blood types go- second only to O negative. O+ blood means that i can help fellow O+, As, Bs and ABs if they need a blood transfusion – and that’s over 90% of the population!

so i guess..
..to give blood!

go on, do it! and be sure to eat plenty of wheaten chocolate digestives afterwards to reward yourself for being such a good human. and feel free to be just a little boasty about saving three people’s lives. go on, milk it! i sure do ;)

so as this liquid gold  O+ blood of mine was being donated, i had the greatest chat with the nurse about Croatia – a subject i am practically evangelical about, oh boy! i had to put down that I’d visited it on holiday in 2014 and so we got chatting about how she’d always wanted to visit, and me telling her all the places we went and islands we hopped around and how the water temperature is a goldilocks level of perfection. she was off home to get talking to her husband about Croatia for their next holiday!
it was so great!  and now i have my fingers and toes crossed that i’ll give blood again later on in the year and i’ll have the same nurse who’s just back from her croatian vacation and we can compare stories. stay tuned guys ;)

then afterwards, while i was nibbling on the afore mentioned chocolate digestive, the girl beside me looked very familiar and we both realised simultaneously that she’d been my netball coach when i was year 11 and she was year 13! and we had a wonderful catch up where you just relay the last 5 years of your lives. these happen more and more as i get older and i just love it – i’m hanging out for the day when it’s like 20 years to relay haha. she’ll be a fully qualified dentist at the end of the year which is so exciting. i just love that we all have our separate loves and interests in life – it fascinates me how we all love such different things.

then my beach date with clara was just perfect – i am crazy about the beach (or any body of water: lakes, rivers, not fussy). if i go too long without it .. i just don’t feel myself. something about the blue of the water and the sky just refreshes and calms me. i love this poem i found on pinterest.
that line “i need the sea because it teaches me…. the fact is that until i fall asleep, in some magnetic way i move in the university of the waves” – it echoes within me in the sweetest way. i wish i had Neruda’s way with words – such a clever man.
I borrowed Alexander Mccall Smith’s book Tears of the Giraffe, which i got about a chapter in then realised i’d already read – it’s the second ladies detective agency book. it was so sweet though as it reminded me how much i enjoy his writing – such gentle, cute prose that is so enjoyable to read. it also makes me want to travel to Botswana so badly!

sunshine + chats + beach + darling friends = day well spent. dear reader, you may notice there was no mention of study? ah, shall we assume that not studying is correlated with happy days?
…hehe, sorry, economics joke – such a geek. what can i say, with taking 3 eco papers this semester it’s bound to rub off on me!

stay tuned for a pie recipe potentially? i found out that tomorrow is Pi day – so i might just have to whip one up! better go watch waitress for inspiration. happy weekend!


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