7QT: uni life

hello, following in the footsteps of one of my fave lifestyle bloggers Jenna, here’s seven quick takes of my february so far:

1. I am so happy to be back with my gorgeous dunedin friends!!!! are they not the prettiest girls? and o week was fantastic – probably my most enjoyed one so far. i went out 6/7 days so i’m rather tired now but it was 10000% worth it. empire of the sun played and they were so so good!! my absolute favourite part was their last song/encore at the end when they played alive  and white paper confetti blasted from the stage and swirled up high in the air. everyone was dancing and there was thing feeling of togetherness and unison and i just felt pure euphoria.

2. we have the most beautiful new flat this year! such an upgrade. my room is finally sorted which makes me haaappy and i’ve got pretty fairy lights which glow softly at night. i printed tons of photos so once i put those up it will be done and dusted. supreme.


3.  peanut butter fudge – i made this when i was home for my dear friends birthday and omg so good. i don’t really like fudge that much normally but the saltiness of peanut butter balanced out the sweetness perfectly. and i bought these cute little chinese noodle box takeaway containers to package it in and i felt like a pinterest queen!

4.  i am loving the tv selection at the moment – i’m glued to hart of dixie, the bachelor, new girl and of course, the mindy project. the bachelor has entertained me SO MUCH and i just love reading sharleen’s recaps (via camp patton). they offer so much insight and just satisfy my “omg i need to discuss these feelings” i have after i finish an episode. too good.


5. we had a flat yum cha date on sunday and i tried chicken feet!! my flatmate ray is chinese and so took care of the ordering so he ordered a ton of chicken feet for us to try. i managed to eat two and i found them…ok? not something i would actively seek out but not ridiculously gross. the hardest part for me was their appearance and how they flopped limply when you picked them up with chopsticks.  google chicken feet and you’ll see what i mean. i am glad i ticked them off the bucket list!

6. i just had my first day of lectures and am feeling demoralised as to how much work i’ve got myself in for!! i’m doing five 300 level papers (the recommended workload is 3-4) and they all seem very challenging – not least my french paper, which, in a first for me, is taught entirely in french (oh and we have to submit a 5000 word assignment in french during the semester..) i know i will be able to handle things provided i stay on task but everything is rather daunting following a three month stretch of doing sweet nothing.


7. pls bear with me this semester – blogging might take a bit of a hit now that i have so much to do!! however it is quite relaxing and therapeutic for me to chat to myself on this website so writing blog posts can be my downtime. i’m dying to do one of those a photo an hour posts like jess did… though i am lacking in the adorable baby department so mine won’t be nearly as cute.

kisses and hugs from your favourite scarfie xx

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