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^^on top of mt iron, wanaka – the prettiest^^

i am compulsively unable to keep something i am loving to myself – yes i was super uncool in year seven, when everyone was going through their alty, different phase ;) i send my friends ted talks, book names, song titles …. and either we have very similar tastes or they are very polite. either way, it works. so here is me flicking them your way. (oldest trick in the blogging parchment, yes)
here are some things that made me smile, laugh, cry:

hey natalie jean’s post on trying to conceive. it’s crazy how you can feel so deeply for someone you’ve never met. i know beyond a doubt that i want to have kids, and i hope and pray that i will never have to go through what natalie’s going through – but that if i do, that i can handle it with such courage and grace. sending all the love and vibes your way xx

i just devoured Matthew Quick’s novel The Good Luck of Right Now – what an amazing book. if you enjoyed the rosie project or the curious incident of the dog. this quote gave me shivers:

“when i estimated the number of individual evil acts done by each person who trashed our house, the sum of bad things easily topped two hundred, and so maybe if mom’s theory was correct, it meant that more than two hundred good things had happened or would soon happen all over the world to strangers…maybe a sick baby girl in zimbabwe would receive donated medicine just before she was about to slip into a fatal coma; maybe a hungry beggar in san francisco would find a warm steak in a trash can behind a five star restaurant and dine under a full moon…maybe an elementary school student in Paris would suddenly remember the mathematical formula he needed to pass a test..”

speaking of books. i also adored where’d you go bernadette, and am convinced that Kate  and i have the same brain when it comes to books. any book she’s recommended i’ve loved so me before you and what alice forgot are next on my list!

i love reading pieces like this that challenge my way of thinking, and now i need to find some friends who haven’t been introduced yet!

this google video is a bit old but makes me cry every time, oh man

there are also so many clothes i’m lusting after in the gorman sale – someone confiscate my credit card, stat!

i just bought these clogs which were on sale for $99 nzd and i am in love! they are amazingly flattering in the nude colour and straps that lie below the ankle. i have a bunch of friends who own clogs from this brand and absolutely rave about them, so really, i had to!

i also just tried on these tops today and am so in love – can you tell i enjoy navy?

happy february guys! go out and have a cracking wednesday xx


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