happy new year all! may 2015 be a year filled with side splitting laughs, mouth watering food and fantastic experiences for you all. I enjoyed a wonderful extended family christmas at my grandparent’s farm, with my whole maternal side of the family. presents aside, it was just so fantastic to spend time with my most loved people in the world, which is a real treat in these busy days. and of course the food was amazing – i would expect nothing else from 4 Woods women (plus many helpful grandchildren!)


^^^the very cutest family in the entire world, in my humble opinion..

We headed up to Wanaka Boxing Day evening, as i began my job the next day! I’m working at a very cool cafe situated right in town, making coffees and waitressing. I’m a week in now and just love it – everyone is so friendly, we serve such beautiful drinks and food and since the cafe is so very busy and popular, the hours just fly by. i’m still unsure as to how i managed to get such a good job… when i i figure that one out, i’ll be sure to let you know ;)

I was a little concerned that with working so much (I’m averaging 5 days a week) i wouldn’t get to enjoy summer or my holidays, but that really hasn’t transpired. Just being in Wanaka is a tonic to my soul; glimpsing those stunning mountains and iridescent lake during the day soothes me in such a way that urban christchurch cannot. swimming in the lake after a hot and sweaty shift at work is simply the best!

i thought i’d jump on the wagon and share some of my resolutions for 2015, or as i prefer to call them, intentions. while listening to one of my favourite podcasts Tracy talked about ‘intentions’ rather than ‘resolutions’ and i like that. i feel like there’s a huge cliche about breaking your new years resolutions a couple of weeks into January and then they’re finished whereas an intention is basically just saying things are a work in process. which we all surely are!

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so, here are my five 2015 intentions:

1. be consistent with running (and hopefully complete a half marathon!)
I love running, but i definitely go through patches of running then not, and so on. exercise is a huge mental health improver for me and i always feel much better when i am running regularly, so i really want to work on this in 2015, with the hopeful outcome being completing a half marathon at some point- a goal of mine for a couple of years, and one i really want to complete!! watch this space..

2. figure out postgrad.
I’ll be finished with my BA at the end of this year, and my plans after that are still a bit up in the air. i’m intending to continue with study, so this year i need to get everything sorted for the year after!

3.continue to work on this blog.
yes yes, for my whole 3 readers sakes (my mum’s now reading, hooray ;)
but seriously, i am determined to make time out from study to blog on this space, even if it’s not all that frequently. on the upside, the kitchen in our flat this year is way nicer than last years, plus has a dishwasher (!!!) so that should make cooking and blogging about it pretty painless.

4. stop interrupting people.
I have such an awful habit of interrupting people, without even meaning to! it seems disrespectful and rude and can often shut shy people down. i’m planning on making a concerted effort to keep my mouth shut until the person i’m chatting to has FINISHED what they’ve got to say, which will be hard since i’m such a chatty kathy, but 100% worth it.

5. find a way to give back to my community.
I’ve lived 2 years in Dunedin having a ball of a time as a student, benefiting from a lot of what the city has to offer. This year, however, i want to find a way to give back. avenues i’m specifically interested in going down would be anything environmental, or with helping families in poverty. The 2014 election was an eye opener with the child poverty statistics being bandied around and NZ’s child poverty rates are truly appalling for a developed country. We have so many things to celebrate about this little country of ours but this is not one of them.

so give me the goss – what are your resolutions/intentions for 2015?


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