about me

Hi! my name is Anna, i’m nineteen and i study at university in the chilly city of Dunedin, New Zealand. Along with food, beauty and travel, i have a huge love for languages, and have been studying french and chinese for several years. I’m two years in to a Bachelor of Arts at Otago, which have been two of the best years of my life – I’m very blessed with beautiful friends, fun flatmates and a course I find interesting and rewarding.

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Some frequently asked questions…

Why the name “blooming anna”?

The hardest part of starting a blog is, as i’m sure many people can empathise with, finding a name. After looking through the blogs i follow, i found that all the names which really appealed to me had the blogger’s name in the title (joy the baker, love taza, hey natalie jean, my name is yeh etc). also, i wasn’t sure at that  stage what the blog would really be about – food, travel, beauty, lifestyle are all things i could imagine writing about, so i felt like a title like “baking biscuits” might not actually fit with how my blog turned out!

the blooming part is because anyone who knows me knows that i am a blossom maniac – kind of like americans adore the crimson leaves of autumn – I adore the pink and white blossoms of spring which practically carpet dunedin in springtime! i’m the loser who’s walking around campus taking pictures with my iPhone, looking like a total tourist! cherry blossoms, sweet peas, peonies, any flower soft and pink is my absolute favourite, and being only nineteen i feel like i’m still “blooming” into adulthood ;) (not gonna lie, love those puns haha).

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what do you study at uni, and how did you decide?

i study chinese, economics and french – yes, my BA is jam-packed full! Having studied the languages at school, i knew i definitely wanted to continue with them, and was advised that either law or economics would be a good choice to accompany. I begrudgingly took an economics paper first semester (economics to me spelt money, which spelt boring) and was surprised to find I loved it. As my lecturer said, economics isn’t really about money – it’s about human behaviour and the choices we make, and how we can maximise efficiency and minimise inequality in a world of scarcity. I especially enjoy the papers that relate the concepts to real world events, especially in the areas of trade and the environment – last semester we studied the euro crisis, and reading journal articles and actually understanding them was a real lightbulb moment for me!
despite the fact that i’ve always been pretty set on what i wanted to do, hardly any of my peers did, so don’t be freaked out if you’re not too sure – the first year of uni is when most people actually realise what they want to study.

do you really flat with 4 boys and why!!

i’m basically the last person you’d expect to live with boys: i’m not at all a tomboy, love dresses, pretty surroundings and makeup, yet I somehow ended up with the boys! That being said, i absolutely love it, and wouldn’t change it for the world. i also have a younger brother which definitely helped! we have the best laughs, boys are super inclusive so i’m always invited along to whatever they’re doing and it is a stress free and bitch free zone – we didn’t have one argument all year! i have 3 very close girl friends whom i see just about every day so i get plenty of ‘girl time’, and whom we are actually flatting right next door to next year (!!!) they are great boys, and i’m looking forward to knowing them my whole life :)


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